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6 Major benefits of working with an independent agent

We work with multiple insurance companies.

We work with different insurance companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points

We are licensed professionals

We are licensed experts and can explain the complexities of insurance in simple terms, helping you make smart decisions

We work for you and will be your advocate

We are your agent and your advocate working with the insurance company on your behalf

We offer a wide variety of insurance solutions

We offer one-stop shopping we can often meet all of your insurance needs as we work with multiple insurance companies

We are your neighborhood friend

As independent agents, we are your neighbors we understand the benefits and challenges of living in our locale

We are your lifelong consultants

We are connected for a lifetime and we are happy to periodically review your coverage

Supreme Insurance Services Inc. is dedicated to delivering exceptional care and ensuring high-quality service.

Supreme Insurance Services is a North Carolina based Insurance agency providing Auto, Home, Commercial Line, Life & Health insurance to families and businesses in North Carolina and the surrounding areas. 

Protecting Futures

We have years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Ask us about:

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Life
  • Health
  • Commercial Business

We can access many different insurance products so you can get the right one for you.

Assessing Need

Many financial experts will tell you some unforeseen events, and a lack of the right insurance can spell trouble quickly. Call us today, and we'll analyze your insurance needs and get you covered quickly at the right price.

We are experienced, reliable and professional.

Count on Supreme Insurance Services Inc. based in Holly Springs, NC, to provide top-notch services that prioritize your needs. Our experienced professionals understand the importance of excellent customer service and reliable guidance, ensuring you receive nothing less than the highest quality assistance.
Supreme Insurance Services Inc. - Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Supreme Insurance Services Inc. in Holly Springs understands the crucial role of personal insurance in securing your finances and protecting your assets.

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Business Insurance

Supreme Insurance Services Inc. in Holly Springs recognizes the significance of business insurance in safeguarding your company against potential lawsuits and financial losses.

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Packaged Business

Supreme Insurance Services Inc. in Holly Springs is here to assist you in securing your business. With our expertise, we can provide the peace of mind you need, tailored to your budgetary requirements.

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Many years in business

100% customer satisfaction

Knowledgeable advisors to help you

Multiple coverage options to choose from

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As an independent agency, We help you find the right solution for your possible risks

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110 Osterville Drive, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540, United States

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Insurance Coverage

Home Insurance Coverage
Renters Insurance Coverage
Auto Insurance Coverage
Business Owner Coverage
Key Person Life Coverage
Fleet Insurance Coverage
Cyber Insurance Coverage

Home Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

You return from a family vacation to discover thieves have stolen electronic equipment from your media room.


If your possessions are stolen, damaged or destroyed in an insured loss, your home insurance coverage can help replace them, up to the policy’s stated limits.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

On an especially gusty day, strong winds push a small potted plant off your apartment’s balcony and onto a neighbour who is passing below. He is seriously bruised, and decides to sue.


Renters liability coverage under renters insurance may help if you’re responsible for an injury to someone outside your household.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

You suffer minor injuries when another driver runs a red light and clips your car’s rear fender. On top of it all, the driver doesn’t have auto insurance.


Uninsured motorist coverage covers the costs of your bodily injuries — up to your policy limit – when they are caused by an at-fault driver without any auto insurance.

Business Owner Coverage

Risk Factors

A business owner would require to take various types of insurance coverage to cover each risk. This can cost them more if they take it separately.


A business owner policy packages all the required coverage a business owner would need. BOPs often include business interruption, property, vehicle, liability, and crime insurance. Typically, a business owner will save money by choosing a BOP because the bundle of services often costs less than the total cost of all the individual coverage.

Key Person Life Coverage

Risk Factors

A company fails to retain its clients or uphold its reputation based on a particular employee’s skills or name (like a partner at a law firm).


Key Person Life insurance can be taken to retain clients and uphold their reputation.

Fleet Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

Your driver meets with accident while driving a company vehicle at night and incurs great damage to your vehicle along with the goods in transit.


Many policy providers offer coverage for fleet overnight since some businesses might need their vehicles to transport goods within one night.

Cyber Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

Your office system got hacked, and personally identifiable information was stolen. So you had to hire a public relations firm to restore your brand image.


Cyber Insurance would cover any loss and pay for hiring a public relations firm.


  • Rajesh Rasale

    Tushar helped me with my Home and Auto Insurance.. Saved hundreds of $$$ that i was paying to my previous Insurance Company.. Thank You Tushar and Supreme Insurance for your Excellent Service.

  • Mehrnaz Madadi 

    Tushar Barot is a great agent. He is very patient and explains every item in details. His quote was unbelievably lower than other three agencies that I called. I am very happy that I contacted him to ask about car and house insurance and purchased them from his office.

  • Kamini Patel

    I have both auto and home insurance through Supreme Insurance. Tushar Barot is very responsive and guides you according to your needs. I would definitely recommend.

  • Hari Krishna

    Excellent experience with this company and saved a lot on my home and auto policy insurances.

  • Tunde Oyewole

    Great prices, Tushar always takes time explain the coverages and bundled up savings. Always recommend to buy insurance from him!!

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Supreme Insurance Services Inc., as an independent agency, is dedicated to assisting you in finding the ideal coverage that meets your specific needs.
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110 Osterville Drive, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540, United States

Holly Springs, NC

We extend coverage to individuals and businesses in Holly Springs, NC and surrounding areas.

Supreme Insurance Services Inc.

We extend coverage to individuals and businesses in Holly Springs, NC and surrounding areas.
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